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Fuqua Classmates Reconnect 34 years later

Visit to Moscow 2007

Sparkman, left, Watson, right, at a visit to Moscow in 2007

Lee Sparkman and Rick Watson have a connection that has spanned both time and distance. Long before either became successful executives, they met in business school at Duke University.

“In those days Fuqua did not pair ‘study groups’ but rather allowed students to seek out their own colleagues,” Sparkman said. “I am unsure why, but Rick and I ended up in many of the same study groups.”

By the time their second year of business school rolled around they were housemates, along with Sparkman’s basset hound Beaufort.

When their time at Duke came to a close, Sparkman went to Florida for a job. Watson says he had some good offers from major banks in Chicago and Pittsburgh, but he felt that was not ultimately the career path he wanted to follow.

“I really wanted to do something out of the box – and with some sun – after Duke,” he said. “Lee was instrumental in helping me find my first job.”


Embedded and Connected in Russia

Embed and ConnectWhy does Fuqua send its Cross Continent and Global Executive MBA students to Russia, among other key regions in the world?

It is not for corporate tourism, nor is it vacation. It intensive and robust. It’s exposure to thought leaders from the region. It is connecting the dots from Russia to other parts of the world.

As one former former student says, “You can’t just learn about Russia from course content and videos – you have to go.”

Get a better idea about what a program residency in St. Petersburg looks like by watching the Embedded and Connected video above.