Kazakh Minister of Economy Shares Insights with Students in a Unique Setting

Astana, Kazakhstan skyline

The Astana skyline in Kazakhstan

By Daria Zarubina, former Regional Director, Russia/CIS

Over these years as regional director I have helped to organize as many as 12 class residencies—when Duke’s Cross Continent MBA (CCMBA) and Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) students travel to Russia or the CIS for one or two weeks of in-depth studies about business and culture in the region.

During each of those residencies, the most anticipated highlight of the week—at least from the regional immersion perspective—has been the ‘Global Leader Keynote’ (GLK) speaking engagement. This event is typically marked by an address from a well-known business leader from the region, followed by a unique chance for students to ask questions. There are also lots of guests present and opportunities to network during a meal.


Finance Executive Shares Her Investing and Career Insight

Duke Fuqua alumna Regional Advisory Board member, Marina Bykova, Global Executive MBA 2004Marina Bykova has her finger on the pulse of global investment and banking. She has developed her knowledge of these industries during a career that began more than 20 years ago in Russia.

Bykova is a founder and managing partner at Maxima Invest, an investment advisory firm, and Maxima Solutions, a wealth management firm. Prior to starting those companies she held executive roles at Sberbank in Austria, Russia and Ukraine and was at Citigroup for 10 years, leading groups in Russia and the U.S.

Bykova graduated from the Global Executive MBA program at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in 2004, and serves on the school’s regional advisory board for Russia/CIS. In a Fuqua Q&A she shared her investment and leadership expertise plus insights about the challenges women face in the corporate world.

Q) What emerging trends do you think will have a major impact on investing in Europe and Russia/CIS markets in the next few years?


From the Beginning: How Duke’s Fuqua School of Business Helped Launch a School in Kazakhstan

Fuqua Dean Bill Boulding at Nazarbayev Universitiy

Dean Bill Boulding at Nazarbayev University for their first graduation ceremony in June 2015

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By Robert Olinger, Director of Business Development, Kazakhstan

Recently, I sat in the audience and watched the first graduates walk across the stage after earning their MBAs from Kazakhstan’s Nazarbayev University (NU). I felt tremendous pride during this occasion. It’s rare to play a role in building a new university, to be there at its inception, and then to see the first degrees conferred. The event provided an opportunity to reflect on this unique and successful collaboration.


Образование будущего: как Школа бизнеса им. Фукуа помогла создать бизнес-школу в Казахстане

Декан Билл Болдинг в Назарбаев Университете на первой церемонии вручения дипломов в июне 2015 г.

Декан Билл Болдинг в Назарбаев Университете на первой церемонии вручения дипломов в июне 2015 г.

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Роберт Олингер, директор по развитию бизнеса, Казахстан

На днях я присутствовал на первой церемонии вручения дипломов MBA в казахстанском Назарбаев Университете (НУ) и с гордостью смотрел, как проходят по сцене выпускники. Не каждому удается принять участие в создании нового университета с самого момента основания и до первого выпуска. Церемония натолкнула меня на размышления об этом уникальном и успешном опыте.


The Impact of Business Education 25 Years Later

In 1989, the namesake of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, J.B. Fuqua, started the Duke Program for Manager Development in Russia to educate participants on the principles of a free-market economy. In the video below, hear from alumni and current and former Fuqua deans about the program’s impact.