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The Importance of Miami in Latin American Business

Gilberto Caldart believes one of the most important hubs for business in Latin America isn’t located in the region. Instead, he’s seeing Miami play an increasing role in business decisions shaping Latin America. Caldart should know—he has extensive experience in both regions.

Gilberto Caldart, president for MasterCard’s Latin America and Caribbean region, talks about the importance Miami in Latin American Business in a Duke Fuqua Q&A

Gilberto Caldart, president for MasterCard’s Latin America and Caribbean region

After spearheading Citigroup’s businesses in Latin America for more than 26 years, Caldart began his career at MasterCard in 2008 as president of the company’s GeoSouth division based in Sao Paulo. In this role, he managed operations in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Five years later, he embarked on a new adventure as president for MasterCard’s Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region based in Miami.

Caldart graduated from the Global Executive MBA program at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in 2002. He shared industry and regional insights in a Fuqua Q&A.


Expanding Fuqua’s Presence in Latin America

Duke Fuqua Dean Bill Boulding appearing on Roda Viva, a Brazilian television program
Appearing on Roda Viva in Brazil

By Dean Bill Boulding

We continue to grow Fuqua’s international presence with a specific principle in mind. We believe our community must be infused with a diversity of people and experiences in order to continue developing the new kind of business leader that the world needs.

Over the last decade, we’ve embedded programs and staff in East Asia, Europe, India, the Middle East and Russia/CIS, and most recently have formally expanded our global footprint to include Latin America. We’re very pleased with the initial results and enthused about the prospects going forward.