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Meet Fuqua’s Regional Director for India

Matt - blog photoWhen Matt Friedrick realized his childhood dream of becoming Indiana Jones wasn’t likely to become a reality, he began to look for other career paths with a sense of worldly adventure. He eventually landed at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business where he serves as the regional director for India. In the role, Friedrick develops relationships and partnerships in India that help the school understand the region from both a local perspective and the larger global business landscape.

Friedrick explains more about his role and his interests in this Fuqua Q&A.

Q) What did you do professionally before you joined the Fuqua team?

Immediately before joining Fuqua I was with the University of North Carolina system for nine years, building international programs and relationships. I delivered programs in India, China, Mexico and Denmark. My biggest accomplishment was building a strategic languages program that reached more than 16,000 primary and secondary school students. When I started the program, there were only 323 students studying strategic languages in North Carolina, so I was very proud of this growth. My other proudest accomplishment was building an educational relationship between the state of North Carolina and Maharashtra in India, which allowed high school students in each state to collaborate online around important issues, like combating global poverty.


From Fuqua to Microsoft: Indian Students Tell Their Stories

Many international students attend business school in the United States with hopes of landing a job in the country.

Recently, a group of Duke University Fuqua School of Business students from India sat down with former regional director for India Dan McCleary to talk about how their experiences as MBA students prepared them for careers with companies like Microsoft, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and the Boston Consulting Group.

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