Reigniting Growth in Europe

Dean Bill Boulding

Dean Bill Boulding

By Dean Bill Boulding

How can governments, institutions and the business community ensure they are creating the right environments to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe?  What are the differences in skills and education that the continent will require in order to move past the stagnation in ‘old’ manufacturing and service industries and create a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs? We have launched this blog to answer these types of questions and to bring together our current students, prospective students, faculty, alumni and the business community to foster a discussion about reigniting growth in Europe.

Through our various contributors we aim to explore innovation, entrepreneurship, new management models and the psyche of Europeans, and how these can shape the future of the continent. We will explore how the core values students learn at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business can play a role in developing the types of leaders Europe needs.

About Our Fuqua in Europe Blog

This blog will feature research from our faculty as it relates to the continent. Examples are Professor Sasa Pekec’s analysis on Croatia joining the EU and Professor Sharon Belenzon’s study on internal capital markets in Europe. We will also feature thought leadership and analysis from alums and students.

As a business school, it is critical that we are embedded and connected in the key regions of the world. Europe is one of our strategic locations. We have offices in London, programmatic activities and a vibrant alumni network throughout the region. We hope this blog will be a valuable learning resource, a tool to unite our different audiences and a source of inspiration to the European business community.

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