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IDEO Brings Design Thinking To Fuqua


Aycan, left, and Misono, right, of IDEO talk to Christine Moorman’s Marketing Strategy Class

IDEO — the company that created the first mouse for Apple back in 1980 — has such high-profile clients as Samsung and Sony, and offices in Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. They are considered by some to be THE go-to company for creative design thinking.

They recently came to Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business to address professor Christine Moorman’s Marketing Strategy Class.

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Chinese New Year Greeting

A Day in My Life in Shanghai


Scott Goldman is an MMS ’10 graduate

A Fuqua MMS alumnus, I live in China and work for Fuqua in our regional office in Shanghai, China. Here’s a snapshot into a typical day for me.

8:00 AM — I pop up from my IKEA bed, briskly swipe my finger to turn down the alarm on my i-Phone designed in California, but made here in China. I grab a pair of chopsticks to spread Skippy Peanut Butter over a piece of toast and throw back some Chrysanthemum Tea.

8:20 AM — Stepping out my door I’m greeted by a big slab of fish, neatly hung in the stairwell. The dried out meat and carcass stands between me and the elevator. It turns out that the character for fish “鱼”is pronounced “yú,” the same “yú” or “余,” the character meaning “surplus.” Not to be consumed, the fish, like China’s 3.2 trillion dollars in reserves serves as a symbol, an indicator of the country and this family’s newfound prosperity.

Scooting past my fishy neighbor, I step into the elevator and enjoy a solo ride 17 floors down; precious seconds of tranquility before being engulfed by the hustle and bustle of Shanghai’s busy streets.